Clustergrammer is a visualization tool that enables users to easily generate highly interactive and shareable clustergram/heatmap visualizations from a matrix of their own data. Press play or explore the example below to see the interactive features.

See example in full page

Your tab-separated matrix file should be in one of the supported matrix formats and have a .txt or .tsv file extension. See example simple matrix format below:

       Col-A   Col-B   Col-C
Row-A   0.0    -0.1     1.0
Row-B   3.0     0.0     8.0
Row-C   0.2     0.1     2.5

Once uploaded you will obtain a permanent and shareable link to your visualization.

Please see Clustergrammer's Documentation or Getting Started for more information.

Clustergrammer Examples

CCLE Explorer

CCLE Explorer

Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) Explorer enables users to browse relative mRNA expression data in cancer cell lines assayed in the CCLE based on tissue of origin using Clustergrammer.


CCLE Explorer

Clustergrammer visualizes collections of gene expression signatures extracted from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) using the Ma'ayan lab web-tool GEN3VA.


CCLE Explorer

Clustergrammer visualizes enrichment analysis results from the Ma'ayan lab web-tool Enrichr and displays the overlap of a user's input gene list and the gene lists of enriched terms.



Clustergrammer visualizes gene-expression-signature search results from the Ma'ayan lab web tool L1000CDS2, which allows users to find perturbations from the L1000 project whose signatures are similar or antisimilar to their input signature.

Jupyter/IPython Widget

Clustergrammer is also available as an IPython interactive widget. Clustergrammer-widget enables users to produce interactive heatmaps as part of their workflow and share their interactive visualizations using Jupter's nbviewer

Open Source Code

Clustergrammer is a free and open source project available through GitHub. The front-end JavaScript library, back-end Python library, and documentation can be found via the link above.