vomeronasal nerve Gene Set

Dataset TISSUES Text-mining Tissue Protein Expression Evidence Scores
Category structural or functional annotations
Type tissue
Description A nerve that exists in the human fetus but disappears before birth, that originates in the olfactory epithelial cells of Jacobson's organ, and that passes through the submucous tissue of the nasal septum and the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone to the olfactory bulb. (BRENDA Tissue and Enzyme Source Ontology, BTO_0001351)
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44 proteins co-occuring with the tissue vomeronasal nerve in abstracts of biomedical publications from the TISSUES Text-mining Tissue Protein Expression Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
NRP2 neuropilin 2 1.30838
GNRH1 gonadotropin-releasing hormone 1 (luteinizing-releasing hormone) 1.28951
CNTN2 contactin 2 (axonal) 1.19623
PLXNC1 plexin C1 1.15318
NAPEPLD N-acyl phosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase D 1.07618
NTN4 netrin 4 1.04401
EBF2 early B-cell factor 2 1.02995
KIRREL2 kin of IRRE like 2 (Drosophila) 1.02688
CALB1 calbindin 1, 28kDa 0.919061
NTN1 netrin 1 0.868529
KIRREL kin of IRRE like (Drosophila) 0.861785
SEMA7A semaphorin 7A, GPI membrane anchor (John Milton Hagen blood group) 0.852527
PLXNA1 plexin A1 0.832804
ALDH1A2 aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A2 0.764882
LHX2 LIM homeobox 2 0.733912
DCC DCC netrin 1 receptor 0.728152
SEMA3F sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3F 0.719934
CACNA1B calcium channel, voltage-dependent, N type, alpha 1B subunit 0.690451
TMTC1 transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 1 0.67984
NCAM1 neural cell adhesion molecule 1 0.652183
GAD2 glutamate decarboxylase 2 (pancreatic islets and brain, 65kDa) 0.646505
ANOS1 anosmin 1 0.643263
BSN bassoon presynaptic cytomatrix protein 0.643263
NCAN neurocan 0.628293
LGALS3 lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 3 0.616586
PTPRZ1 protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor-type, Z polypeptide 1 0.605306
GJD2 gap junction protein, delta 2, 36kDa 0.559254
EBF1 early B-cell factor 1 0.550901
TH tyrosine hydroxylase 0.501965
MAP1B microtubule-associated protein 1B 0.500398
LUM lumican 0.495309
SEMA3A sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3A 0.452969
SLC17A6 solute carrier family 17 (vesicular glutamate transporter), member 6 0.444115
SMPD1 sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase 1, acid lysosomal 0.398735
DAG1 dystroglycan 1 (dystrophin-associated glycoprotein 1) 0.396844
NES nestin 0.396465
ITGB1 integrin, beta 1 (fibronectin receptor, beta polypeptide, antigen CD29 includes MDF2, MSK12) 0.390799
RELN reelin 0.388912
CXCL12 chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 12 0.377245
DECR1 2,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1, mitochondrial 0.374618
NRP1 neuropilin 1 0.358174
GABBR1 gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) B receptor, 1 0.319863
HGF hepatocyte growth factor (hepapoietin A; scatter factor) 0.317315
CXCR4 chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 0.255234