profilin binding Gene Set

Dataset GO Molecular Function Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type molecular function
Description Interacting selectively and non-covalently with profilin, an actin-binding protein that forms a complex with G-actin and prevents it from polymerizing to form F-actin. (Gene Ontology, GO_0005522)
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8 genes performing the profilin binding molecular function from the curated GO Molecular Function Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
DBN1 drebrin 1
DIAPH1 diaphanous-related formin 1
EVL Enah/Vasp-like
FMNL1 formin-like 1
PCLO piccolo presynaptic cytomatrix protein
RHOQ ras homolog family member Q
VASP vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein
WIPF1 WAS/WASL interacting protein family, member 1