nad(p)+ transhydrogenase (b-specific) activity Gene Set

Dataset GO Molecular Function Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type molecular function
Description Catalysis of the reaction: NADPH + H+ + NAD+ = NADP+ + NADH + H+, driving the transfer of a solute or solutes from one side of a membrane to the other. In the course of the reaction (left to right) one H atom is transferred from inside the cell to outside. The reaction is B-specific (i.e. the pro-S hydrogen is transferred from the 4-position of reduced nicotinamide cofactor) with respect to both NAD+ and NADP+. (Gene Ontology, GO_0003957)
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1 genes performing the nad(p)+ transhydrogenase (b-specific) activity molecular function from the curated GO Molecular Function Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
NNT nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase