kidney degeneration Gene Set

Dataset MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type phenotype
Description a retrogressive impairment of function or destruction of either or both of the two excretory organs that filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete them and water in urine (Mammalian Phenotype Ontology, MP_0009641)
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37 gene mutations causing the kidney degeneration phenotype in transgenic mice from the MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
APRT adenine phosphoribosyltransferase
BCL2 B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2
BCR breakpoint cluster region
CD151 CD151 molecule (Raph blood group)
CRIM1 cysteine rich transmembrane BMP regulator 1 (chordin-like)
DNASE1 deoxyribonuclease I
FAH fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase (fumarylacetoacetase)
GLIS2 GLIS family zinc finger 2
GSTZ1 glutathione S-transferase zeta 1
HELLS helicase, lymphoid-specific
HMOX1 heme oxygenase 1
HSD17B2 hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 2
ITGB3 integrin, beta 3 (platelet glycoprotein IIIa, antigen CD61)
KIF26B kinesin family member 26B
MPV17 MpV17 mitochondrial inner membrane protein
MTSS1 metastasis suppressor 1
MXI1 MAX interactor 1, dimerization protein
NOS3 nitric oxide synthase 3 (endothelial cell)
PIKFYVE phosphoinositide kinase, FYVE finger containing
PKHD1 polycystic kidney and hepatic disease 1 (autosomal recessive)
PTGIS prostaglandin I2 (prostacyclin) synthase
PTGS2 prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (prostaglandin G/H synthase and cyclooxygenase)
RRM2B ribonucleotide reductase M2 B (TP53 inducible)
SALL1 spalt-like transcription factor 1
SDC4 syndecan 4
SLC47A1 solute carrier family 47 (multidrug and toxin extrusion), member 1
SLC7A9 solute carrier family 7 (amino acid transporter light chain, bo,+ system), member 9
SMAD3 SMAD family member 3
SPP1 secreted phosphoprotein 1
SPTA1 spectrin, alpha, erythrocytic 1
SPTB spectrin, beta, erythrocytic
TGFB1 transforming growth factor, beta 1
TLR4 toll-like receptor 4
TNS1 tensin 1
TREX1 three prime repair exonuclease 1
UMOD uromodulin
VAMP8 vesicle-associated membrane protein 8