ectopic thymus Gene Set

Dataset DISEASES Text-mining Gene-Disease Assocation Evidence Scores
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type disease
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16 genes co-occuring with the disease ectopic thymus in abstracts of biomedical publications from the DISEASES Text-mining Gene-Disease Assocation Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
TFAP2A transcription factor AP-2 alpha (activating enhancer binding protein 2 alpha) 1.69269
FOXN1 forkhead box N1 1.0816
SYP synaptophysin 0.78066
CD5 CD5 molecule 0.77207
CD99 CD99 molecule 0.639857
CALCA calcitonin-related polypeptide alpha 0.590558
CALB2 calbindin 2 0.460506
NKX2-1 NK2 homeobox 1 0.455978
TSHR thyroid stimulating hormone receptor 0.441666
CD4 CD4 molecule 0.393746
CD7 CD7 molecule 0.371847
BCL2 B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2 0.273664
CHGA chromogranin A 0.272241
DNTT DNA nucleotidylexotransferase 0.200006
NOTCH1 notch 1 0.171535
CD19 CD19 molecule 0.163938