amodiaquine-6224 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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195 genes differentially expressed following the amodiaquine-6224 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ABI3BP ABI family, member 3 (NESH) binding protein
ACHE acetylcholinesterase (Yt blood group)
ALDH3B2 aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member B2
ANKMY1 ankyrin repeat and MYND domain containing 1
AOX1 aldehyde oxidase 1
AP2A2 adaptor-related protein complex 2, alpha 2 subunit
APBB3 amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein-binding, family B, member 3
AQR aquarius intron-binding spliceosomal factor
ARFGEF2 ADP-ribosylation factor guanine nucleotide-exchange factor 2 (brefeldin A-inhibited)
ARFRP1 ADP-ribosylation factor related protein 1
ARHGAP44 Rho GTPase activating protein 44
ASPHD1 aspartate beta-hydroxylase domain containing 1
ATAT1 alpha tubulin acetyltransferase 1
ATP2C2 ATPase, Ca++ transporting, type 2C, member 2
BCAP29 B-cell receptor-associated protein 29
BHLHE40 basic helix-loop-helix family, member e40
C14ORF1 chromosome 14 open reading frame 1
C1QTNF9B-AS1 C1QTNF9B antisense RNA 1
CCP110 centriolar coiled coil protein 110kDa
CCR7 chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 7
CDK5R1 cyclin-dependent kinase 5, regulatory subunit 1 (p35)
CEP68 centrosomal protein 68kDa
CHKB choline kinase beta
CLCN7 chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 7
CLMN calmin (calponin-like, transmembrane)
COL3A1 collagen, type III, alpha 1
CPD carboxypeptidase D
CSE1L CSE1 chromosome segregation 1-like (yeast)
CYP1A1 cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
CYP26A1 cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
CYP2A6 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily A, polypeptide 6
EDRF1 erythroid differentiation regulatory factor 1
EPHA2 EPH receptor A2
ETAA1 Ewing tumor-associated antigen 1
FHL1 four and a half LIM domains 1
FOXN3 forkhead box N3
FRMD4A FERM domain containing 4A
GJB3 gap junction protein, beta 3, 31kDa
GM2A GM2 ganglioside activator
GMIP GEM interacting protein
GRK5 G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5
HIST1H2AJ histone cluster 1, H2aj
HLA-J major histocompatibility complex, class I, J (pseudogene)
HPS1 Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome 1
INADL InaD-like (Drosophila)
ING4 inhibitor of growth family, member 4
INPP5B inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase, 75kDa
INSIG1 insulin induced gene 1
INTS6 integrator complex subunit 6
IRF2BP1 interferon regulatory factor 2 binding protein 1
ITGB4 integrin, beta 4
KIAA0125 KIAA0125
LDLR low density lipoprotein receptor
LIMK2 LIM domain kinase 2
LONP2 lon peptidase 2, peroxisomal
LTC4S leukotriene C4 synthase
MAFB v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog B
MAFF v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog F
MAX MYC associated factor X
MBNL2 muscleblind-like splicing regulator 2
MINK1 misshapen-like kinase 1
MMP19 matrix metallopeptidase 19
MPPE1 metallophosphoesterase 1
NAB2 NGFI-A binding protein 2 (EGR1 binding protein 2)
NADK NAD kinase
NEAT1 nuclear paraspeckle assembly transcript 1 (non-protein coding)
NF2 neurofibromin 2 (merlin)
NFATC1 nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 1
OASL 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase-like
OGFOD2 2-oxoglutarate and iron-dependent oxygenase domain containing 2
OSMR oncostatin M receptor
PACS1 phosphofurin acidic cluster sorting protein 1
PCM1 pericentriolar material 1
PDK4 pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase, isozyme 4
PDLIM5 PDZ and LIM domain 5
PTGER3 prostaglandin E receptor 3 (subtype EP3)
RNF24 ring finger protein 24
RNFT2 ring finger protein, transmembrane 2
RPGR retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator
RRN3P1 RNA polymerase I transcription factor homolog (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 1
SH2B1 SH2B adaptor protein 1
SLC20A2 solute carrier family 20 (phosphate transporter), member 2
SLC7A11 solute carrier family 7 (anionic amino acid transporter light chain, xc- system), member 11
SSPN sarcospan
SUN1 Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 1
SYBU syntabulin (syntaxin-interacting)
TMEM259 transmembrane protein 259
TNFAIP3 tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 3
TNFRSF13B tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 13B
TOP3A topoisomerase (DNA) III alpha
TRIB2 tribbles pseudokinase 2
UTRN utrophin
XK X-linked Kx blood group
ZCCHC11 zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 11
ZMYM2 zinc finger, MYM-type 2
ZNF324 zinc finger protein 324
ZNF442 zinc finger protein 442
ZNF589 zinc finger protein 589
ZNF710 zinc finger protein 710

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ADRBK2 adrenergic, beta, receptor kinase 2
AGBL5 ATP/GTP binding protein-like 5
AMPD2 adenosine monophosphate deaminase 2
ANKRA2 ankyrin repeat, family A (RFXANK-like), 2
ANKRD28 ankyrin repeat domain 28
ANKZF1 ankyrin repeat and zinc finger domain containing 1
ATF3 activating transcription factor 3
AXIN1 axin 1
B4GALT2 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,4- galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 2
BATF basic leucine zipper transcription factor, ATF-like
C1ORF109 chromosome 1 open reading frame 109
CDK3 cyclin-dependent kinase 3
CFD complement factor D (adipsin)
COPS7B COP9 signalosome subunit 7B
DDX43 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 43
DEAF1 DEAF1 transcription factor
DTWD1 DTW domain containing 1
DYNC2H1 dynein, cytoplasmic 2, heavy chain 1
ECHDC1 ethylmalonyl-CoA decarboxylase 1
EMD emerin
ERN2 endoplasmic reticulum to nucleus signaling 2
EVPL envoplakin
FAM53B family with sequence similarity 53, member B
FAM86C1 family with sequence similarity 86, member C1
FCHO1 FCH domain only 1
FIP1L1 factor interacting with PAPOLA and CPSF1
FMO4 flavin containing monooxygenase 4
FOCAD focadhesin
FOXRED2 FAD-dependent oxidoreductase domain containing 2
FXN frataxin
GDAP2 ganglioside induced differentiation associated protein 2
GLMN glomulin, FKBP associated protein
GPR19 G protein-coupled receptor 19
GPR87 G protein-coupled receptor 87
HAUS3 HAUS augmin-like complex, subunit 3
HIST1H1E histone cluster 1, H1e
ICE2 interactor of little elongation complex ELL subunit 2
IMPACT impact RWD domain protein
INCENP inner centromere protein antigens 135/155kDa
IPP intracisternal A particle-promoted polypeptide
KIAA0894 KIAA0894 protein
KIFC1 kinesin family member C1
KLHL2 kelch-like family member 2
LIAS lipoic acid synthetase
LOC730101 uncharacterized LOC730101
LRRC20 leucine rich repeat containing 20
MAPK3 mitogen-activated protein kinase 3
MAST4 microtubule associated serine/threonine kinase family member 4
MBIP MAP3K12 binding inhibitory protein 1
METTL4 methyltransferase like 4
MKS1 Meckel syndrome, type 1
MNS1 meiosis-specific nuclear structural 1
MTCL1 microtubule crosslinking factor 1
NES nestin
NR1D2 nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group D, member 2
NR1H3 nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group H, member 3
PARD6A par-6 family cell polarity regulator alpha
PIGL phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class L
PLD3 phospholipase D family, member 3
PNKP polynucleotide kinase 3'-phosphatase
PPAN peter pan homolog (Drosophila)
PTPRU protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, U
RAB3IL1 RAB3A interacting protein (rabin3)-like 1
RAD54L2 RAD54-like 2 (S. cerevisiae)
RANGRF RAN guanine nucleotide release factor
RBM41 RNA binding motif protein 41
RNF123 ring finger protein 123
RNF126P1 ring finger protein 126 pseudogene 1
RPL23AP7 ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 7
RSAD1 radical S-adenosyl methionine domain containing 1
SCAI suppressor of cancer cell invasion
SCMH1 sex comb on midleg homolog 1 (Drosophila)
SEMA4D sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), transmembrane domain (TM) and short cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 4D
SETD8 SET domain containing (lysine methyltransferase) 8
SLC2A4RG SLC2A4 regulator
SLC46A3 solute carrier family 46, member 3
SMG1 SMG1 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-related kinase
SNAI2 snail family zinc finger 2
SPATA7 spermatogenesis associated 7
STAG3L4 stromal antigen 3-like 4 (pseudogene)
SUPT5H suppressor of Ty 5 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
TAF1A TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, RNA polymerase I, A, 48kDa
TBL3 transducin (beta)-like 3
TDRD1 tudor domain containing 1
TMC7 transmembrane channel-like 7
TRAIP TRAF interacting protein
TRMT2A tRNA methyltransferase 2 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)
TULP4 tubby like protein 4
USP18 ubiquitin specific peptidase 18
VAV1 vav 1 guanine nucleotide exchange factor
WWC2 WW and C2 domain containing 2
ZBED8 zinc finger, BED-type containing 8
ZKSCAN3 zinc finger with KRAB and SCAN domains 3
ZNF562 zinc finger protein 562
ZNF574 zinc finger protein 574
ZNHIT2 zinc finger, HIT-type containing 2