abnormal seminiferous tubule epithelium morphology Gene Set

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Description any structural anomaly of the stratified epithelial lining of the seminiferous tubules, consisting of the developing spermatozoa and the supporting Sertoli cells, which are tall, columnar type cells that line the tubule (Mammalian Phenotype Ontology, MP_0011750)
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74 gene mutations causing the abnormal seminiferous tubule epithelium morphology phenotype in transgenic mice from the MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
ABCA1 ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 1
ACVR2A activin A receptor, type IIA
ADRA1B adrenoceptor alpha 1B
AHR aryl hydrocarbon receptor
AMHR2 anti-Mullerian hormone receptor, type II
AMPH amphiphysin
AR androgen receptor
ASPM asp (abnormal spindle) homolog, microcephaly associated (Drosophila)
BCL2L2 BCL2-like 2
BGLAP bone gamma-carboxyglutamate (gla) protein
BMP8B bone morphogenetic protein 8b
CDK4 cyclin-dependent kinase 4
CLCN2 chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 2
CLDN11 claudin 11
CLPP caseinolytic mitochondrial matrix peptidase proteolytic subunit
CNOT7 CCR4-NOT transcription complex, subunit 7
CYP19A1 cytochrome P450, family 19, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
DHH desert hedgehog
DMRT1 doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 1
DMRTC2 DMRT-like family C2
DNAJA1 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily A, member 1
DNMT3L DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase 3-like
EGR4 early growth response 4
ELMO1 engulfment and cell motility 1
EPB41L2 erythrocyte membrane protein band 4.1-like 2
ESR1 estrogen receptor 1
FADS2 fatty acid desaturase 2
FANCL Fanconi anemia, complementation group L
FNDC3A fibronectin type III domain containing 3A
FSHB follicle stimulating hormone, beta polypeptide
FSHR follicle stimulating hormone receptor
FYN FYN proto-oncogene, Src family tyrosine kinase
GALNT3 polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 3
GATA4 GATA binding protein 4
GBA2 glucosidase, beta (bile acid) 2
HMGA1 high mobility group AT-hook 1
HMGB2 high mobility group box 2
HOXA10 homeobox A10
INHA inhibin, alpha
INPP5B inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase, 75kDa
JMJD1C jumonji domain containing 1C
KATNAL1 katanin p60 subunit A-like 1
KCNJ6 potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J, member 6
KIT v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog
KLHL10 kelch-like family member 10
LGR4 leucine-rich repeat containing G protein-coupled receptor 4
LIPE lipase, hormone-sensitive
MAP7 microtubule-associated protein 7
MYBL1 v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog-like 1
NCOA2 nuclear receptor coactivator 2
NPEPPS aminopeptidase puromycin sensitive
NR0B1 nuclear receptor subfamily 0, group B, member 1
NR1H2 nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group H, member 2
PAFAH1B2 platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase 1b, catalytic subunit 2 (30kDa)
PLEKHA5 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family A member 5
PVRL2 poliovirus receptor-related 2 (herpesvirus entry mediator B)
RAD23B RAD23 homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
RBP1 retinol binding protein 1, cellular
RNF8 ring finger protein 8, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
RXRB retinoid X receptor, beta
SEPT12 septin 12
SERPINA5 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 5
SIAH1 siah E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1
SIRT1 sirtuin 1
SIX5 SIX homeobox 5
SLC4A2 solute carrier family 4 (anion exchanger), member 2
SOX3 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 3
SOX8 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 8
SPAG16 sperm associated antigen 16
STRBP spermatid perinuclear RNA binding protein
TBC1D20 TBC1 domain family, member 20
TEX14 testis expressed 14
XPA xeroderma pigmentosum, complementation group A
ZPBP zona pellucida binding protein