This web-site was created to visualize and share, with the neuroscience and molecular biology research communities, information about proteins and interactions identified to be present in presynaptic nerve terminals of mammalian neurons. The web-site features a network of protein-protein interactions manually extracted from neuroscience research literature. The interactions in this network are identified to be exclusively from presynaptic nerve terminals of mammalian neurons. The network is made of 231 interactions between 127 presynaptic components extracted from 145 publications with an average connectivity of 3.5 interactions per node and a clustering coefficient of 0.2. The dataset can be downloaded in text and BioPAX file formats. In the future we plan to add data from presynaptic proteomics experiments. The site was created using the software SNAVI (Signaling Network Analysis and Visualization). The project is collaboration between the Devi, Ma'ayan, Iyengar and Rong Wang laboratories and it is supported by an NIH NIGMS grant as part of the Systems Biology Center New York (SBCNY). The proteomics work was carried out at the Mount Sinai's Proteomics Laboratory.