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The PathwayGenerator (PG) web-interface was created using the mammalian neuronal cell signaling network extracted from literature by Avi Ma'ayan and members of the Iyengar lab at Mount Sinai School of Medicine between 2003 and 2006. A paper describing the topology of this network was published in Science in 2005. The network contains mostly directed and signed links (i.e. activation/inhibition with source and target nodes specified). Using Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm, we searched for pathways starting from ligand-receptor interactions to reach effector proteins in a limited number of steps. The search was directed such that the flow must follow the orientation of the arrows. In total, approximately 5,000 pathways were created and can be visualized here. An implementation of the algorithm is provided with the SNAVI source code. If you wish to create a similar web-based interface for a different network, this can be achieved with SNAVI, published in BMC Systems Biology in 2009. Thank you for trying PG. Please choose a pathway option:

Pathway options

Ligands to Transcription Factors
Ligands to Channel
Ligands to Cytoskeleton and Motility Components
Ligands to Vesicle Components
Ligands to Translation Components

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