Analysis of Mutant p53 Knockdown in MDA-MB-23 Cell Line | BioJupies

Notebook Generator(s): Rachel Werner, Kevin Moses, Denis Torre, Avi Ma'ayan
Collection No.1

Citation: Werner, R., Moses, K., Torre, D., and Ma’ayan, A. (2018). BioJupies Notebook for Analysis of Mutant p53 Knockdown in MDA-MB-23 Cell Line. Journal of Interactive Notebooks Collection 1, 43.

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This notebook, generated by the BioJupies Jupyter Notebook Generator, compares gene expression after p53 silencing in the MDA-MB-231 cell line, which is associated with Breast Cancer in mammals. Analysis with the Clustergrammer heatmap generator shows noticeable differences in up-and-down regulation in siControl vs. siRNA. ChEA and ENCODE Transcription Factor Analysis confirm the discrepancies observed in Clustergrammer, with NR2F2, a ligand inducible transcription factor downregulated in control samples. In addition to Gene Ontology and Pathway Enrichment Analysis, PCA and Volcano/MA Scatter Plots are also provided.