Get Started

This page will help you get started building and analyzing your own collections.


  1. Install and use the Chrome web browser.
  2. Install GEO2Enrichr.
  3. Navigate to the Gene Expression Omnibus and then find a study of interest using GEO's search functionality. Alternatively, you can use the search bar on this page.
  4. Process and tag your study of interest using GEO2Enrichr. Please read GEO2Enrichr's manual for details. You must collect and tag at least three signatures before GEN3VA can build a report from your collection.
  5. Find your tag on the Collections page and click its link.
  6. Click the Signatures and Custom Report Builder button.
  7. Build a custom report using the report builder at the top of the page. Please read the documentation on custom reports for more.

For more information on tags and reports, please see GEN3VA's documentation.


Ensure the checklist below is completed:

  • Are you using the Chrome web browser?
  • Is GEO2Enrichr installed?

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