Bulk Contribution

The form below allows to upload your own analyses to Datasets2Tools, increasing their findability and accessibility.

To upload your analyses:

  1. Download a template of our form.
  2. For each analysis, fill in the following information:
    • Analysis Title. A brief title describing the contents of the analysis.
      • Example: Enrichment analysis of genes upregulated in prostate cancer
    • Analysis Description. A description explaining the contents and methods of the analysis.
      • Example: An enrichment analysis was performed on the top 500 most overexpressed genes in human prostate cancer samples, compared to healthy tissue controls.
    • Analysis URL. Link to a webpage containing the results of the analysis.
    • Datasets. A comma-separated list of datasets used to generate the analysis.
      • Example: GSE30017, GSE82693
    • Tools. A comma-separated list of tools used to generate the analysis. Names are case sensitive.
      • Example: Enrichr
    • Keywords. A comma-separated list of keywords to tag the analysis.
      • Example: enrichment, upregulated, prostate cancer.
    • Metadata. A list of tag-value pairs describing specific metadata elements of the analysis. Can be bullet-point list, JSON, or colon/semicolon-separated. Provide values of all required, non-default parameters for each tool as described on relevant tool landing pages.
      • Example: organism: human; geneset: upregulated; disease: prostate cancer;.
  3. to upload the form.