CP131_HUMAN Protein

Name Centrosomal protein of 131 kDa
Description Component of centriolar satellites contributing to build a complex and dynamic network required to regulate cilia/flagellum formation. In proliferating cells, MIB1-mediated ubiquitination induces its sequestration within centriolar satellites, precluding untimely cilia formation initiation. In contrast, during normal and ultraviolet or heat shock cellular stress-induced ciliogenesis, its non-ubiquitinated form is rapidly displaced from centriolar satellites and recruited to centrosome/basal bodies in a microtubule- and p38 MAPK-dependent manner. Acts also as a negative regulator of BBSome ciliary trafficking. Plays a role in sperm flagellar formation; may be involved in the regulation of intraflagellar transport (IFT) and/or intramanchette (IMT) trafficking, which are important for axoneme extension and/or cargo delivery to the nascent sperm tail. Required for optimal cell proliferation and cell cycle progression; may play a role in the regulation of genome stability and centriole duplication in non-ciliogenic cells.
UniProt ID Q9UPN4
Gene CEP131