mesalazine-3584 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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196 genes differentially expressed following the mesalazine-3584 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ADAM22 ADAM metallopeptidase domain 22
ADRA1D adrenoceptor alpha 1D
AGPAT2 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 2
AKR1B1 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B1 (aldose reductase)
AKR1C1 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C1
ANP32A-IT1 ANP32A intronic transcript 1
APLP1 amyloid beta (A4) precursor-like protein 1
ARC activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein
ARHGEF2 Rho/Rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 2
ASIC4 acid sensing (proton gated) ion channel family member 4
ATM ATM serine/threonine kinase
ATP6V0A2 ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal V0 subunit a2
BCL2L1 BCL2-like 1
C3 complement component 3
C7ORF69 chromosome 7 open reading frame 69
CACNG1 calcium channel, voltage-dependent, gamma subunit 1
CACTIN cactin, spliceosome C complex subunit
CCDC57 coiled-coil domain containing 57
CD6 CD6 molecule
CDH10 cadherin 10, type 2 (T2-cadherin)
CDK13 cyclin-dependent kinase 13
CLTA clathrin, light chain A
CRMP1 collapsin response mediator protein 1
CYP2C8 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily C, polypeptide 8
DNAJA4 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily A, member 4
EFNA3 ephrin-A3
EN2 engrailed homeobox 2
EPHB2 EPH receptor B2
EPX eosinophil peroxidase
EXOSC1 exosome component 1
FBXO2 F-box protein 2
FKBP8 FK506 binding protein 8, 38kDa
GALR3 galanin receptor 3
GATM glycine amidinotransferase (L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase)
GDPD5 glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase domain containing 5
GK2 glycerol kinase 2
GLDC glycine dehydrogenase (decarboxylating)
GLYR1 glyoxylate reductase 1 homolog (Arabidopsis)
GP5 glycoprotein V (platelet)
GRM1 glutamate receptor, metabotropic 1
GSN gelsolin
HDAC6 histone deacetylase 6
HES2 hes family bHLH transcription factor 2
HFE hemochromatosis
HIP1 huntingtin interacting protein 1
HIST1H4A histone cluster 1, H4a
HTR4 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 4, G protein-coupled
IKZF4 IKAROS family zinc finger 4 (Eos)
KLHL22 kelch-like family member 22
LEPR leptin receptor
LLPH LLP homolog, long-term synaptic facilitation (Aplysia)
LRP6 low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6
LYL1 lymphoblastic leukemia associated hematopoiesis regulator 1
MAPK10 mitogen-activated protein kinase 10
MED28 mediator complex subunit 28
MMP25 matrix metallopeptidase 25
MXD3 MAX dimerization protein 3
MYL4 myosin, light chain 4, alkali; atrial, embryonic
NR4A2 nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 2
NTRK3 neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 3
PLCB1 phospholipase C, beta 1 (phosphoinositide-specific)
POFUT1 protein O-fucosyltransferase 1
PRKDC protein kinase, DNA-activated, catalytic polypeptide
PSG1 pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein 1
PTGER3 prostaglandin E receptor 3 (subtype EP3)
RMND5A required for meiotic nuclear division 5 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)
RNF122 ring finger protein 122
RNF19B ring finger protein 19B
RPL23AP32 ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 32
RRAGB Ras-related GTP binding B
RUNX1 runt-related transcription factor 1
S100A2 S100 calcium binding protein A2
SCN1B sodium channel, voltage gated, type I beta subunit
SEMA4G sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), transmembrane domain (TM) and short cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 4G
SH3BP2 SH3-domain binding protein 2
SLC22A18AS solute carrier family 22 (organic cation transporter), member 18 antisense
SLC8B1 solute carrier family 8 (sodium/lithium/calcium exchanger), member B1
SND1-IT1 SND1 intronic transcript 1
SNX13 sorting nexin 13
SOS2 son of sevenless homolog 2 (Drosophila)
SPDEF SAM pointed domain containing ETS transcription factor
ST8SIA3 ST8 alpha-N-acetyl-neuraminide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 3
TCN1 transcobalamin I (vitamin B12 binding protein, R binder family)
TMEFF1 transmembrane protein with EGF-like and two follistatin-like domains 1
TMEM144 transmembrane protein 144
TMEM8B transmembrane protein 8B
TP63 tumor protein p63
TRIM48 tripartite motif containing 48
TUBA3C tubulin, alpha 3c
UBQLN4 ubiquilin 4
VCX2 variable charge, X-linked 2
VIPR1 vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 1
VSIG4 V-set and immunoglobulin domain containing 4
WDR55 WD repeat domain 55
ZNF112 zinc finger protein 112
ZNF280A zinc finger protein 280A
ZNF3 zinc finger protein 3
ZNF551 zinc finger protein 551

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ANXA2P3 annexin A2 pseudogene 3
ARRB1 arrestin, beta 1
BBC3 BCL2 binding component 3
BCL9 B-cell CLL/lymphoma 9
BTF3P11 basic transcription factor 3 pseudogene 11
C14ORF93 chromosome 14 open reading frame 93
CALCOCO1 calcium binding and coiled-coil domain 1
CCNJL cyclin J-like
CCNK cyclin K
CCRN4L CCR4 carbon catabolite repression 4-like (S. cerevisiae)
CD70 CD70 molecule
CD82 CD82 molecule
CIDEB cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector b
CLDN9 claudin 9
CLN6 ceroid-lipofuscinosis, neuronal 6, late infantile, variant
CNGB3 cyclic nucleotide gated channel beta 3
CORT cortistatin
CRY2 cryptochrome circadian clock 2
CTDP1 CTD (carboxy-terminal domain, RNA polymerase II, polypeptide A) phosphatase, subunit 1
CUEDC1 CUE domain containing 1
CUZD1 CUB and zona pellucida-like domains 1
CWC25 CWC25 spliceosome-associated protein homolog (S. cerevisiae)
DFFB DNA fragmentation factor, 40kDa, beta polypeptide (caspase-activated DNase)
DNAH17 dynein, axonemal, heavy chain 17
DNAJC28 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily C, member 28
DNM1 dynamin 1
DNMT3A DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase 3 alpha
EPYC epiphycan
FADS2 fatty acid desaturase 2
FKBP10 FK506 binding protein 10, 65 kDa
FLCN folliculin
FLT4 fms-related tyrosine kinase 4
FURIN furin (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme)
FUZ fuzzy planar cell polarity protein
GADD45G growth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible, gamma
GCNT1 glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase 1, core 2
GNB1L guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), beta polypeptide 1-like
GPR143 G protein-coupled receptor 143
HIST1H2AJ histone cluster 1, H2aj
HYI hydroxypyruvate isomerase (putative)
INF2 inverted formin, FH2 and WH2 domain containing
KCNMB4 potassium channel subfamily M regulatory beta subunit 4
KLHL25 kelch-like family member 25
LRRC20 leucine rich repeat containing 20
LRRC6 leucine rich repeat containing 6
LRRC61 leucine rich repeat containing 61
MBTPS2 membrane-bound transcription factor peptidase, site 2
MICAL1 microtubule associated monooxygenase, calponin and LIM domain containing 1
MVD mevalonate (diphospho) decarboxylase
NACA2 nascent polypeptide-associated complex alpha subunit 2
NCALD neurocalcin delta
NLGN1 neuroligin 1
NPY5R neuropeptide Y receptor Y5
NRTN neurturin
OLFML2A olfactomedin-like 2A
PADI1 peptidyl arginine deiminase, type I
PCDHA9 protocadherin alpha 9
PCDHGA10 protocadherin gamma subfamily A, 10
PLD3 phospholipase D family, member 3
PMM1 phosphomannomutase 1
POM121 POM121 transmembrane nucleoporin
PPT2 palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 2
PRSS22 protease, serine, 22
PYCRL pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase-like
QTRT1 queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase 1
RASAL1 RAS protein activator like 1 (GAP1 like)
RHPN1-AS1 RHPN1 antisense RNA 1 (head to head)
RPL10L ribosomal protein L10-like
RPS6KA4 ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kDa, polypeptide 4
RSPH14 radial spoke head 14 homolog (Chlamydomonas)
RUSC2 RUN and SH3 domain containing 2
SEMA4A sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), transmembrane domain (TM) and short cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 4A
SHARPIN SHANK-associated RH domain interactor
SLC22A4 solute carrier family 22 (organic cation/zwitterion transporter), member 4
SLC9A1 solute carrier family 9, subfamily A (NHE1, cation proton antiporter 1), member 1
SMR3A submaxillary gland androgen regulated protein 3A
STX1A syntaxin 1A (brain)
SULT4A1 sulfotransferase family 4A, member 1
TBX19 T-box 19
TFF3 trefoil factor 3 (intestinal)
TGFB1I1 transforming growth factor beta 1 induced transcript 1
TMC7 transmembrane channel-like 7
TRIM25 tripartite motif containing 25
TRIM66 tripartite motif containing 66
TUT1 terminal uridylyl transferase 1, U6 snRNA-specific
UBTD1 ubiquitin domain containing 1
URM1 ubiquitin related modifier 1
USP19 ubiquitin specific peptidase 19
VEGFB vascular endothelial growth factor B
VLDLR very low density lipoprotein receptor
WDR4 WD repeat domain 4
WDR62 WD repeat domain 62
ZKSCAN3 zinc finger with KRAB and SCAN domains 3
ZMAT5 zinc finger, matrin-type 5
ZNF137P zinc finger protein 137, pseudogene
ZNF787 zinc finger protein 787