fluphenazine-7234 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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199 genes differentially expressed following the fluphenazine-7234 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
AK2 adenylate kinase 2
AKR1C2 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C2
AKR1C3 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C3
AMH anti-Mullerian hormone
ARL4C ADP-ribosylation factor-like 4C
ARMCX4 armadillo repeat containing, X-linked 4
BCL2 B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2
BHLHE41 basic helix-loop-helix family, member e41
BIRC7 baculoviral IAP repeat containing 7
C14ORF79 chromosome 14 open reading frame 79
C8A complement component 8, alpha polypeptide
CARD14 caspase recruitment domain family, member 14
CCDC93 coiled-coil domain containing 93
CCKAR cholecystokinin A receptor
CCL27 chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 27
CDK16 cyclin-dependent kinase 16
CEP290 centrosomal protein 290kDa
CGA glycoprotein hormones, alpha polypeptide
CNTN5 contactin 5
CYP24A1 cytochrome P450, family 24, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
DUSP13 dual specificity phosphatase 13
DUSP4 dual specificity phosphatase 4
DZANK1 double zinc ribbon and ankyrin repeat domains 1
ELOVL5 ELOVL fatty acid elongase 5
EN2 engrailed homeobox 2
ENPEP glutamyl aminopeptidase (aminopeptidase A)
ETV6 ets variant 6
FBXO22 F-box protein 22
FCGR2B Fc fragment of IgG, low affinity IIb, receptor (CD32)
FGL1 fibrinogen-like 1
GABBR2 gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) B receptor, 2
GNRHR gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor
GPC1 glypican 1
GPR68 G protein-coupled receptor 68
GRIP2 glutamate receptor interacting protein 2
GRTP1 growth hormone regulated TBC protein 1
HIST1H2AK histone cluster 1, H2ak
HIST1H3B histone cluster 1, H3b
HIST1H4D histone cluster 1, H4d
HNF1A HNF1 homeobox A
ICAM1 intercellular adhesion molecule 1
IFNA16 interferon, alpha 16
IFT122 intraflagellar transport 122
IL36RN interleukin 36 receptor antagonist
INSIG1 insulin induced gene 1
IQSEC2 IQ motif and Sec7 domain 2
ITGB6 integrin, beta 6
KDM4C lysine (K)-specific demethylase 4C
LECT1 leukocyte cell derived chemotaxin 1
LILRB2 leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor, subfamily B (with TM and ITIM domains), member 2
LPIN1 lipin 1
LSM14B LSM14B, SCD6 homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
LYL1 lymphoblastic leukemia associated hematopoiesis regulator 1
MAFF v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog F
MAL mal, T-cell differentiation protein
MAPK10 mitogen-activated protein kinase 10
MED25 mediator complex subunit 25
MGAT3 mannosyl (beta-1,4-)-glycoprotein beta-1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
MGEA5 meningioma expressed antigen 5 (hyaluronidase)
MYL4 myosin, light chain 4, alkali; atrial, embryonic
MYLK myosin light chain kinase
MYRIP myosin VIIA and Rab interacting protein
NDUFB7 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 beta subcomplex, 7, 18kDa
NEK9 NIMA-related kinase 9
NIPAL3 NIPA-like domain containing 3
NOD1 nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing 1
NUMA1 nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1
PEX5 peroxisomal biogenesis factor 5
PHLDA1 pleckstrin homology-like domain, family A, member 1
PIP prolactin-induced protein
PLA2G3 phospholipase A2, group III
PLA2G4C phospholipase A2, group IVC (cytosolic, calcium-independent)
POLL polymerase (DNA directed), lambda
POM121L2 POM121 transmembrane nucleoporin-like 2
PTPN11 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 11
PTPN2 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 2
RASGRP2 RAS guanyl releasing protein 2 (calcium and DAG-regulated)
RFXAP regulatory factor X-associated protein
RPL7 ribosomal protein L7
RUNX1 runt-related transcription factor 1
S100A8 S100 calcium binding protein A8
SCN10A sodium channel, voltage gated, type X alpha subunit
SEMA3B sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3B
SLC18A1 solute carrier family 18 (vesicular monoamine transporter), member 1
SLC2A5 solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose/fructose transporter), member 5
SNTA1 syntrophin, alpha 1
SNX13 sorting nexin 13
SPAG8 sperm associated antigen 8
SYBU syntabulin (syntaxin-interacting)
TBC1D17 TBC1 domain family, member 17
TLE1 transducin-like enhancer of split 1 (E(sp1) homolog, Drosophila)
TNFRSF13B tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 13B
TRIM2 tripartite motif containing 2
UROD uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase
USP5 ubiquitin specific peptidase 5 (isopeptidase T)
VN1R1 vomeronasal 1 receptor 1
VSNL1 visinin-like 1
XAF1 XIAP associated factor 1
ZNF136 zinc finger protein 136
ZNF37BP zinc finger protein 37B, pseudogene

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ACTR8 ARP8 actin-related protein 8 homolog (yeast)
ASPHD1 aspartate beta-hydroxylase domain containing 1
ASTN2 astrotactin 2
ATAD3A ATPase family, AAA domain containing 3A
AXIN1 axin 1
BBS10 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 10
BRINP3 bone morphogenetic protein/retinoic acid inducible neural-specific 3
C11ORF95 chromosome 11 open reading frame 95
C17ORF80 chromosome 17 open reading frame 80
CAMKMT calmodulin-lysine N-methyltransferase
CCDC25 coiled-coil domain containing 25
CCDC88C coiled-coil domain containing 88C
CCZ1B CCZ1 vacuolar protein trafficking and biogenesis associated homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
CD302 CD302 molecule
CDK3 cyclin-dependent kinase 3
CDON cell adhesion associated, oncogene regulated
CEP131 centrosomal protein 131kDa
CLDN15 claudin 15
CRYBG3 beta-gamma crystallin domain containing 3
CTAGE9 CTAGE family, member 9
CTDP1 CTD (carboxy-terminal domain, RNA polymerase II, polypeptide A) phosphatase, subunit 1
DAPP1 dual adaptor of phosphotyrosine and 3-phosphoinositides
DBR1 debranching RNA lariats 1
DTWD1 DTW domain containing 1
ECHDC2 enoyl CoA hydratase domain containing 2
EHHADH enoyl-CoA, hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase
EVPL envoplakin
EYA2 EYA transcriptional coactivator and phosphatase 2
FAM131A family with sequence similarity 131, member A
FAM172A family with sequence similarity 172, member A
FAM63A family with sequence similarity 63, member A
FANCE Fanconi anemia, complementation group E
FPGT fucose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase
FRAT1 frequently rearranged in advanced T-cell lymphomas 1
FSD1 fibronectin type III and SPRY domain containing 1
GLB1L2 galactosidase, beta 1-like 2
GPX2 glutathione peroxidase 2
GTF3C5 general transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 5, 63kDa
GTPBP3 GTP binding protein 3 (mitochondrial)
HAUS6 HAUS augmin-like complex, subunit 6
HLA-J major histocompatibility complex, class I, J (pseudogene)
HMHA1 histocompatibility (minor) HA-1
HSPA2 heat shock 70kDa protein 2
IRF2BP1 interferon regulatory factor 2 binding protein 1
JADE1 jade family PHD finger 1
KCNK15 potassium channel, two pore domain subfamily K, member 15
KCNMB3 potassium channel subfamily M regulatory beta subunit 3
KLHL25 kelch-like family member 25
LHX6 LIM homeobox 6
LRFN3 leucine rich repeat and fibronectin type III domain containing 3
LRP3 low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 3
MCOLN1 mucolipin 1
METTL2B methyltransferase like 2B
MFSD11 major facilitator superfamily domain containing 11
MTERF1 mitochondrial transcription termination factor 1
MTHFSD methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase domain containing
NBEAL2 neurobeachin-like 2
NDUFAF7 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) complex I, assembly factor 7
NLRX1 NLR family member X1
NUS1P3 nuclear undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase 1 homolog (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 3
OPN3 opsin 3
OR7E156P olfactory receptor, family 7, subfamily E, member 156 pseudogene
PDK1 pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase, isozyme 1
PHF21A PHD finger protein 21A
PIK3R2 phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 2 (beta)
PIP5K1A phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase, type I, alpha
PIP5K1C phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase, type I, gamma
PLD3 phospholipase D family, member 3
PNPLA6 patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 6
PUS7L pseudouridylate synthase 7 homolog (S. cerevisiae)-like
PYCRL pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase-like
RAB11FIP5 RAB11 family interacting protein 5 (class I)
RAPGEFL1 Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF)-like 1
RBL1 retinoblastoma-like 1
RNF2 ring finger protein 2
RP2 retinitis pigmentosa 2 (X-linked recessive)
SCAI suppressor of cancer cell invasion
SLC31A2 solute carrier family 31 (copper transporter), member 2
SLC35F5 solute carrier family 35, member F5
SPAG7 sperm associated antigen 7
SUV39H2 suppressor of variegation 3-9 homolog 2 (Drosophila)
TAF13 TAF13 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 18kDa
TBC1D31 TBC1 domain family, member 31
TMEM159 transmembrane protein 159
TMEM254 transmembrane protein 254
TRIP10 thyroid hormone receptor interactor 10
TRPM4 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 4
USP27X ubiquitin specific peptidase 27, X-linked
VPS54 vacuolar protein sorting 54 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
VWA1 von Willebrand factor A domain containing 1
WDR62 WD repeat domain 62
ZNF134 zinc finger protein 134
ZNF219 zinc finger protein 219
ZNF282 zinc finger protein 282
ZNF468 zinc finger protein 468
ZNF480 zinc finger protein 480
ZNF675 zinc finger protein 675
ZNF778 zinc finger protein 778
ZSCAN31 zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 31