abnormal miscarriage rate Gene Set

Dataset MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type phenotype
Description change in frequency of a natural or accidental termination of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or the fetus is incapable of surviving independently of the mother (Mammalian Phenotype Ontology, MP_0004244)
External Link http://www.informatics.jax.org/searches/Phat.cgi?id=MP:0004244
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8 gene mutations causing the abnormal miscarriage rate phenotype in transgenic mice from the MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
ANTXR2 anthrax toxin receptor 2
FGG fibrinogen gamma chain
FOXA2 forkhead box A2
ITGB3 integrin, beta 3 (platelet glycoprotein IIIa, antigen CD61)
MECOM MDS1 and EVI1 complex locus
SLC13A1 solute carrier family 13 (sodium/sulfate symporter), member 1
STAT5B signal transducer and activator of transcription 5B
TYR tyrosinase