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Dataset HuGE Navigator Gene-Phenotype Associations
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41 genes associated with the Learning Disorders phenotype by text-mining GWAS publications from the HuGE Navigator Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
ADAP2 ArfGAP with dual PH domains 2
APOE apolipoprotein E
ARID1B AT rich interactive domain 1B (SWI1-like)
ATAD5 ATPase family, AAA domain containing 5
CACNA1C calcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1C subunit
COMT catechol-O-methyltransferase
CRLF3 cytokine receptor-like factor 3
DCDC2 doublecortin domain containing 2
DNAH5 dynein, axonemal, heavy chain 5
DPRXP4 divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 4
DYX1C1 dyslexia susceptibility 1 candidate 1
FAM43A family with sequence similarity 43, member A
GRIK1 glutamate receptor, ionotropic, kainate 1
GUCY1A2 guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, alpha 2
HTR1D 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 1D, G protein-coupled
LINC01550 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1550
LOC400590 uncharacterized LOC400590
LOC646030 leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 37A2-like
LRRC37B leucine rich repeat containing 37B
LSG1 large 60S subunit nuclear export GTPase 1
MAOA monoamine oxidase A
MFSD6 major facilitator superfamily domain containing 6
NF1 neurofibromin 1
NRCAM neuronal cell adhesion molecule
NUAK1 NUAK family, SNF1-like kinase, 1
OMG oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein
PTEN phosphatase and tensin homolog
RNF135 ring finger protein 135
RPS17P3 ribosomal protein S17 pseudogene 3
SAMD3 sterile alpha motif domain containing 3
SFT2D1 SFT2 domain containing 1
SH3GL1P2 SH3-domain GRB2-like 1 pseudogene 2
SLC6A3 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter), member 3
SLC6A4 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter), member 4
SUZ12P1 suppressor of zeste 12 homolog pseudogene 1
SYNGAP1 synaptic Ras GTPase activating protein 1
TEFM transcription elongation factor, mitochondrial
TPH1 tryptophan hydroxylase 1
TPH2 tryptophan hydroxylase 2