FOXM1_MCF-7_hg19_2 Gene Set

Dataset ENCODE Transcription Factor Binding Site Profiles
Category genomics
Type transcription factor binding site profile
Description transcription factor binding site profile identified as [transcription factor gene symbol]_[cell type]_[reference genome]_[replicate number] (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements)
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191 genes with transcription factor binding evidence in the FOXM1_MCF-7_hg19_2 transcription factor binding site profile from the ENCODE Transcription Factor Binding Site Profiles dataset.

Symbol Name
ABCA12 ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 12
ADARB1 adenosine deaminase, RNA-specific, B1
ADGRF4 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor F4
AGR2 anterior gradient 2
AGR3 anterior gradient 3
ANKRD1 ankyrin repeat domain 1 (cardiac muscle)
ANXA3 annexin A3
APOLD1 apolipoprotein L domain containing 1
ARL6IP1 ADP-ribosylation factor-like 6 interacting protein 1
ASPM asp (abnormal spindle) homolog, microcephaly associated (Drosophila)
ASXL1 additional sex combs like transcriptional regulator 1
ATF7IP activating transcription factor 7 interacting protein
BATF basic leucine zipper transcription factor, ATF-like
BORA bora, aurora kinase A activator
BRD8 bromodomain containing 8
C18ORF63 chromosome 18 open reading frame 63
C1QTNF6 C1q and tumor necrosis factor related protein 6
CALM2 calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase kinase, delta)
CBX3 chromobox homolog 3
CCDC159 coiled-coil domain containing 159
CCNA2 cyclin A2
CCNB1 cyclin B1
CCNB2 cyclin B2
CCNF cyclin F
CDC20 cell division cycle 20
CDC25B cell division cycle 25B
CDC42BPG CDC42 binding protein kinase gamma (DMPK-like)
CDCA2 cell division cycle associated 2
CDK1 cyclin-dependent kinase 1
CDKN2C cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2C (p18, inhibits CDK4)
CDKN2D cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2D (p19, inhibits CDK4)
CDKN3 cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 3
CENPA centromere protein A
CENPF centromere protein F, 350/400kDa
CKAP2 cytoskeleton associated protein 2
CKAP2L cytoskeleton associated protein 2-like
CKAP5 cytoskeleton associated protein 5
CRNDE colorectal neoplasia differentially expressed (non-protein coding)
CUEDC1 CUE domain containing 1
CYSRT1 cysteine-rich tail protein 1
DOK7 docking protein 7
DSCAM-AS1 DSCAM antisense RNA 1
DYNLL2 dynein, light chain, LC8-type 2
DYRK1A dual-specificity tyrosine-(Y)-phosphorylation regulated kinase 1A
EPS8 epidermal growth factor receptor pathway substrate 8
ESR1 estrogen receptor 1
FAM183A family with sequence similarity 183, member A
FAM83D family with sequence similarity 83, member D
FBXO5 F-box protein 5
FOXA1 forkhead box A1
FREM2 FRAS1 related extracellular matrix protein 2
FZR1 fizzy/cell division cycle 20 related 1 (Drosophila)
GAS2L3 growth arrest-specific 2 like 3
GLRX5 glutaredoxin 5
GPRC5A G protein-coupled receptor, class C, group 5, member A
GPSM2 G-protein signaling modulator 2
GREB1 growth regulation by estrogen in breast cancer 1
GRHL2 grainyhead-like 2 (Drosophila)
GSTP1 glutathione S-transferase pi 1
GTSE1 G-2 and S-phase expressed 1
GTSE1-AS1 GTSE1 antisense RNA 1 (head to head)
H2AFX H2A histone family, member X
HES1 hes family bHLH transcription factor 1
HIST1H2AB histone cluster 1, H2ab
HIST1H2AC histone cluster 1, H2ac
HIST1H2AG histone cluster 1, H2ag
HIST1H2AM histone cluster 1, H2am
HIST1H2BC histone cluster 1, H2bc
HIST1H2BI histone cluster 1, H2bi
HIST1H2BJ histone cluster 1, H2bj
HIST1H2BO histone cluster 1, H2bo
HIST1H3B histone cluster 1, H3b
HIST1H3E histone cluster 1, H3e
HIST1H3G histone cluster 1, H3g
HJURP Holliday junction recognition protein
HMGA1P7 high mobility group AT-hook 1 pseudogene 7
HMGB2 high mobility group box 2
HNRNPA2B1 heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2/B1
HP1BP3 heterochromatin protein 1, binding protein 3
HSP90B1 heat shock protein 90kDa beta (Grp94), member 1
ID1 inhibitor of DNA binding 1, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein
INCENP inner centromere protein antigens 135/155kDa
ITGB2 integrin, beta 2 (complement component 3 receptor 3 and 4 subunit)
KCNG3 potassium channel, voltage gated modifier subfamily G, member 3
KCTD9 potassium channel tetramerization domain containing 9
KIF11 kinesin family member 11
KIF18B kinesin family member 18B
KIF20A kinesin family member 20A
KIF23 kinesin family member 23
KLHL5 kelch-like family member 5
KNSTRN kinetochore-localized astrin/SPAG5 binding protein
KPNA2 karyopherin alpha 2 (RAG cohort 1, importin alpha 1)
KRTAP2-1 keratin associated protein 2-1
KRTAP3-1 keratin associated protein 3-1
KRTAP3-2 keratin associated protein 3-2
LINC00862 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 862
LINC01555 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1555
LMNB1 lamin B1
LOC100130264 uncharacterized LOC100130264
LOC100130880 uncharacterized LOC100130880
LOC647323 uncharacterized LOC647323
LRTOMT leucine rich transmembrane and O-methyltransferase domain containing
MACC1 metastasis associated in colon cancer 1
MAP1LC3B2 microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 beta 2
MDC1 mediator of DNA-damage checkpoint 1
MGP matrix Gla protein
MIR3193 microRNA 3193
MIR3610 microRNA 3610
MIR3652 microRNA 3652
MIR4429 microRNA 4429
MIR4648 microRNA 4648
MISP mitotic spindle positioning
MKI67 marker of proliferation Ki-67
MS4A7 membrane-spanning 4-domains, subfamily A, member 7
MXD3 MAX dimerization protein 3
MZT1 mitotic spindle organizing protein 1
NCAPH non-SMC condensin I complex, subunit H
NEAT1 nuclear paraspeckle assembly transcript 1 (non-protein coding)
NEK10 NIMA-related kinase 10
NEK2 NIMA-related kinase 2
NEURL1B neuralized E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1B
NFE2L2 nuclear factor, erythroid 2-like 2
NR2F2 nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 2
NT5DC3 5'-nucleotidase domain containing 3
NUCKS1 nuclear casein kinase and cyclin-dependent kinase substrate 1
NUF2 NUF2, NDC80 kinetochore complex component
NUMA1 nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1
PA2G4P4 proliferation-associated 2G4 pseudogene 4
PDZK1 PDZ domain containing 1
PHF19 PHD finger protein 19
PIF1 PIF1 5'-to-3' DNA helicase
PIK3R3 phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 3 (gamma)
PLD1 phospholipase D1, phosphatidylcholine-specific
PLK1 polo-like kinase 1
PPM1B protein phosphatase, Mg2+/Mn2+ dependent, 1B
PRC1 protein regulator of cytokinesis 1
PRR11 proline rich 11
PTTG1 pituitary tumor-transforming 1
RACGAP1 Rac GTPase activating protein 1
RAD21 RAD21 homolog (S. pombe)
RAD21-AS1 RAD21 antisense RNA 1
RBL2 retinoblastoma-like 2
RCCD1 RCC1 domain containing 1
RDX radixin
RGS5 regulator of G-protein signaling 5
RHEB Ras homolog enriched in brain
RNF223 ring finger protein 223
RNF224 ring finger protein 224
RNF26 ring finger protein 26
SALL4 spalt-like transcription factor 4
SCARNA13 small Cajal body-specific RNA 13
SEMA3C sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3C
SERPINA3 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 3
SGK3 serum/glucocorticoid regulated kinase family, member 3
SIGLEC5 sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin 5
SIRT4 sirtuin 4
SKA2 spindle and kinetochore associated complex subunit 2
SNHG10 small nucleolar RNA host gene 10
SNORA11B small nucleolar RNA, H/ACA box 11B
SNORD114-1 small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 114-1
SNORD114-2 small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 114-2
SNORD114-3 small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 114-3
SRI sorcin
SSR4P1 signal sequence receptor, delta pseudogene 1
SULT2B1 sulfotransferase family, cytosolic, 2B, member 1
SYT8 synaptotagmin VIII
SYTL5 synaptotagmin-like 5
TARP TCR gamma alternate reading frame protein
TFF1 trefoil factor 1
TKTL2 transketolase-like 2
TMEM105 transmembrane protein 105
TMEM205 transmembrane protein 205
TPD52L1 tumor protein D52-like 1
TPX2 TPX2, microtubule-associated
TRAF4 TNF receptor-associated factor 4
TRIM59 tripartite motif containing 59
TRIQK triple QxxK/R motif containing
TROAP trophinin associated protein
TTC41P tetratricopeptide repeat domain 41, pseudogene
TTF2 transcription termination factor, RNA polymerase II
TUBA1C tubulin, alpha 1c
TUBB4B tubulin, beta 4B class IVb
UBALD2 UBA-like domain containing 2
UBE2C ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2C
UBE2S ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2S
UBE2T ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2T
WISP2 WNT1 inducible signaling pathway protein 2
ZBBX zinc finger, B-box domain containing
ZBTB7B zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7B
ZDHHC20 zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 20
ZNRF1 zinc and ring finger 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase